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Newcastle Museum

May 27

About Newcastle Museum

The Newcastle Museum is a major project that was originally founded in 1988 and has been located at Honeysuckle Railway Workshops since August 2011.The three buildings at Honeysuckle Railway Workshops are all unique, with their own stories to tell. The Locomotive Boiler Shop was once home for steam engines that workers would service and repair before they returned back into service on the railway lines across Australia; while the New Erecting Shop served as a place where tracks were built or extended upon completion of construction projects such has added second trackage along partway through one line which allowed twice as many trains run through per day compared what previously possible without it - this building also houses some machinery used during repairs/service jobs too! Finally there's Blacksmith & Wheel shop – known mainly because you could find any type of wheels.

The reinvigorated, contemporary Museum brings new exhibitions and experiences in a centre designed to provide efficient services as well appealing programs.

Newcastle Museum

What to do in Newcastle Museum

The new Museum Shop is a one-stop destination for all kinds of goodies including educational kids' games and toys, local history books as well jewellery crafted by talented artists from around Australia. You'll also find Newcastle branded souvenirs like t-shirts with innovations designed especially to commemorate this great city's heritage!

Whether you're a museum junkie or have never been inside one before, there are plenty of reasons to visit The Museum. For starters, they host temporary exhibitions throughout the year with blockbuster visiting shows on offer at any given time! Whether it be locally based or community-based events that interest your taste in art - this is where I'll bet all those questions about what exactly does "local" mean? That Definition has just changed thanks for being here today.

museum Newcastle

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