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Fremantle Prison

Jul 27

About Fremantle Prison

The Fremantle Prison was built as a convict barracks in the 19th century and remained continuously used until 1991. It's where some of Australia’s most famous criminals went to receive their sentence, including imperial convicts, colonial prisoners-of-war, and enemy aliens who fought for Britain during World War II but weren't granted immunity. Thi is because they were judged before regular courts could convene when peace came back again. Max security detainees, which is what we would call it now - people awaiting trial or sentencing after committing very serious crimes.

The former Australian prison and World Heritage Site of Fremantle's six-hectare (15 acres) site includes historic cellblocks, gatehouse, and perimeter walls with cottages inside. It was initially used for convicts transported from Britain but transitioned over time into a place where locally convicted people would be imprisoned; Royal Commissions were even held here in 1898!

Freemantle prison

What to do in Fremantle Prison

International tourists come to see the prison, which is both fascinating and sad. It's a place where people can experience history, even if they never did any time behind bars themselves! 
Fremantle Prison has been home not only to Australians but foreigners as well.

The Australian Convict Site at the female convict cemetery is a must-see for any visitor to this country. The guided tours allow you to access the visitors' centre with its extensive database on late 18th century convicts, an art gallery featuring paintings from renowned artists who lived during that time, such as John Westport - founder of Montpelier—and plenty more! School children are often given educational activities while exhibitions showcase reenactor performances which provide entertainment in addition too all other restaurants within town hosting special dinners where patrons can enjoy their meal whilst being surrounded by history.

Fremantle Prison is a popular tourist destination, with numbers increasing each year. It has been commended for its history and heritage throughout this time.

Freemantle Perth prison

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